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Charity Booth at Bangsar Shopping Centre

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2 Dec 2012 VPM had a charity booth at BSC for a week from Monday, 26 Nov. The response we received from the crowd at BSC was overwhelming and the crowd ranged from local to expatriate across all nationalities and religion. We had no shortage of yummy food from cakes to chocolates to curry puffs to 'nasi tumpang' to 'nasi goreng' to tiramisu and quiche etc etc etc that were brought to our booth on a daily basis to be sold for charity towards emergency relief for Gaza.

We were most touched by the kids from Rumah Solehah who requested to contribute 100 red velvet cupcakes for our charity booth. Fazilah Ahmad, a baker, baked the cupcakes and the kids from Rumah Solehah contributed their creative skills in creating the cupcake toppers.

School Refurbishment

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moe 3The presentation of the final report on School Project in Gaza was held on 31 January 2013 @ 4.00pm to Y.Bhg Tan Sri Abdul Ghafar Mahmud the Director General of Education, Block E8, Complex E, Ministry of Education, Putrajaya,Malaysia.

The Project of Rehabilitation and Maintenance of Classrooms, Laboratories and Facilities of Eleven (11) Schools in Jabaliya, Gaza strip was funded by Ministry of Education Malaysia amounting to RM 1,728,381.39 equivalent to USD560,000.00

Viva Palestina Malaysia has successfully managed the project with the collaboration of Islamic Society Jabaliya Gaza, Palestine.The project was completed in December 2012.

Resistance is Marathon: Support Gaza, Empower Its People

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By Ramzy Baroud

runnerDear friends, thank you for your support and encouragement. I just finished my sixth full marathon for Palestine and Gaza. My first Marathon was in Canada in 2007. It was soon after Israel placed Gaza under a hermetic siege, and my latest was today, in Seattle, in honor of the sacrifices of the men, women and children that make Gaza the incredibly inspiring place that it is.

I ran my first Marathon with untold frustration and resentment of all that has befallen our people – the siege, the once promising but later botched democracy, the regional and international plot against Gaza, and the most tragic fighting between the brethren in Hamas and Fatah. But today I ran with untold pride because of the resistance of the Palestinian people in Gaza against Israel's last war.

Touched by the kids of Rumah Solehah

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Cupcakes Rumah Solehah1Kids from Rumah Solehah requested to contribute 100 red velvet cupcakes for VPM Charity Bazaar at Bangsar Shopping Centre. Fazilah Ahmad, a baker, baked the cupcakes and the kids wanted to contribute their creative skills in creating the cupcake toppers.

The kids have been told about what's happening in Gaza and they are thrilled to join in to help in whatever way they can. This is one great way to share with kids what's happening outside their country and how they may help!

We are deeply touched by the generosity of the kids at Rumah Solehah and the baker too, we thank them and may they all be blessed and rewarded by the Al-Mighty.

Gaza Relief - Emergency Fund

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updateDonations have continued to pour in since we launched this campaign on 16 November 2012. As at 13 December, our collections totaled RM 1,003,303. As of 26 November, we have dispatched a total of RM 435,000 (USD 145,000) and will be dispatching more funds soon. 

Thank you to all the generous donors and may the Al-Mighty bless you for your generosity. The funds that have been sent to Gaza have been used to buy much needed supplies and these supplies have been distributed to the victims of this brutal attack by Israel. Gaza needs a lot more help for rebuilding and medical supplies so please continue to donate more.

We carried out a donation drive at Masjid Wilayah and Masjid Negara on Friday, 23 November and we collected a total of RM47,990 from both mosques through donations and sales of our paraphernalia. Other donation drives have also been and are currently being carried out by our volunteers at various mosques and locations.

Jovian Mandagie extends a helping hand

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Dec 3, 2012 Fashion designer, Jovian Mandagie (JM), a favored couturier amongst super stars as well as KL's most elite, organized a Humanity Walk JM at the Pavilion Shopping Centre in KL. Response from the shopping crowd was very good and we collected RM7,396.30 in donations and sale of VPM paraphernalia in just 2 hours. All proceeds were given to VPM for the re-development of Gaza. We would like to thank everyone who have come to help in the event. Friends, family and followers, God bless you! Special thanks to Carlos & Pavilion for giving us the opportunity to make such chaos in that two hours.

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