Mission & Vision

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To advocate for a just, equitable, prompt and sustainable resolution of the conflict in Palestine, leading to the creation of a free and independent state of Palestine.

Mission Objectives:-


  1. To raise public awareness of the tragic and chronic humanitarian crisis in Palestine
  2. To support the inalienable right of the Palestinians to self determination in their own homeland as decreed by UN resolution
  3. To pressure major players and stakeholders to intensify their efforts towards a just and fair solution to the conflict
  4. To initiate a global network of like minded NGOs to enhance strength and unity of actions for the Palestinian cause

Medical Support

To identify and support specific medical cases that are presented to the organisation.

Palestinian Employment Projects

To help create employment opportunities for the Palestinian people, especially in the Gaza region. This will be done by setting up identified projects.

Fostering Friendships

To foster friendships between Malaysians and Palestinians in order to help enhance the interaction and relationship between the two countries. This can also help to enable more understanding of the different cultures