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Mutiara International Grammar School initiated a school charity drive from 25 Feb – 1 Mar 2013 to promote awareness on the plight of the Palestinians. The fundraising campaign is aimed to facilitate the safe, healthy and educational development of Palestinian children to study, socialize and develop skills that would be useful throughout their lives.

The talk was hugely successful in that it truly spread the awareness amongst the children. And, that awareness drove them to make generous contributions towards the Palestinina Fund. The total collection amounted to RM15,000. Thank you MIGS fro your generosity.

One African girl said 'all this while she really thought Palestinians are terrorist and that because I am Christian I have to support the Israelis, now I am very sad to know the truth'.

The event was attended by the Junior and Senior School students. Dr. Hamidah Merican, the executive Committee Member of Viva Palestine Malaysia, was the guest speaker, who conducted an inspiring presentation, followed by the launching of the Sales and Donations drive, at the school campus.

Our heartfelt thanks to Mutiara International Grammar School for organising the event. 

We pray for the safety and strength of our Palestinian brothers and sisters living under the cruel Israeli siege and occupation. We pray that The Almighty fortifies them and grants them victory against their oppressors, God willing.

Our eternal gratitude to all who have embraced the Palestinian cause and we sincerely hope you will continue to support us.

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