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Projects in Gaza

Project VPM 3/2016 - Medicines and Medical Equipment for Charitable Hospitals

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Project VPM 3/2016

Viva Palestina Malaysia (VPM) and Arab Medical Union (AMU) office in Gaza City have started providing medicines and medical equipment for charitable hospitals.

It aims to develop the health sector in Palestine in cooperation with medical NGOs by enabling them to provide healthcare for impoverished Palestinian people in Gaza Strip.

It is funded by VPM and supervised by AMU, and will be managed by:
1. Assalamah Charitable Society.
2. Yafa Hospital.
3. Al Karamah Hospital.
4. Public Aid Hospitals group.

Our sincere thanks to all VPM donors who contributed to these medical projects.  

More photos will be posted soon insha Allah.


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Some of the most successful projects by VPM to create sustainability in Gaza are the micro-financing projects. VPM contributes between USD500-1,000 to eligible business owners for their start-ups. VPM's representative monitors these projects and so far, Alhamdulillah, most, if not all of these projects have been successful.

Below are some of the projects: Ahmed Abu Shaban with his Breeding and Sale of Poultry business, this business has enabled him to support a family of 10; Islam S. Dahman with his mechanic workshop, he is now able to get married after opening this business; Youssef A. Al Shrafi with his shop and he supports a family of 8 from this business; Fayzah A. Al Ashqar with her tailoring business, she is a widow and supports her family; Moneer. M Dahrooj with his sheep breeding business and he will start to sell the sheep for the upcoming Eid Al Adha; Mahmoud M. Abed Al Rhman with his blacksmith workshop, he is now able to support his family with this business.

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Heartwarming stories from 2 of our beneficieries to show our kind donors how useful and effective their donations have been:

Project: Mobile shop

Name: Sameh F. Ziyarah

Amount of loan: $ 1000.

He is a young man in the beginning of twenties, he draw this cute smile in his face when he was seeing me entering his small shop, before I entered the shop, I saw 3 men were dealing to buy some accessories for mobiles, I introduced myself to him, then I started asking him some questions that will help me in evaluating and mentoring his micro project.

He told me that he knew about the project of “ Hallal loan “ from advertisement, he called the families development society (FDS)  and asked them how he can apply, I visited the FDS and I applied for loan by small project to developing mobile shop, after one month FDS called me and visited me in my shop, also they visited me in my home and checked my social and economic situation, I didn’t think they will call me again, but it is Allah wanting , they called me and told me that I got loan from kind people in Malaysia.

After I got the fund, I started in buying what I need for my shop ,now anybody want any accessory for his mobile he can find it in my shop, a lot of customers are dealing with me.

On other hand my family feel so happy now, because our income fairlyincrease, this will make me to pay for my family needing, also to pay for loan payments, and I think $ 50 is suitable amount for pay every month.

mobile shop1 mobile shop2

Project Name: sewing shop

Name: Faezah Al Ashkar,

Amount of loan: $ 800

She said “ I have been working on sewing machine since 36 years , I used to work in my house to help my husband in our house income, but after I became a widow the responsibility was increased, I have 5 sons with 2 daughter , the middle son has been traveling to Europe to work there, but unfortunately the news from him stopped and we didn’t know anything about him since 6 years “ she spoke with Shedding tears” , after than I forced to tack care of my son’s family “ his wife with his children “, I told myself if I will continue working in my house, my work and my income will still weak, so I thought to open small shop near my house by borrowing some money from some friends and relatives, I started my small project but it need raw material , so when I heard from my friends that there is women organization give you Halal loan without hard restrictions, I directly visited FDS, and they helped me in applying for my projects, they visited my home and evaluated me situation, after 1  month they called me to sign the agreement for receiving the loan.

Directly I bought the needed raw material,I started my work by “ renewing the old dresses and selling it again or designing and sewing for customers, and Al Hamdulelh my work developed and I pay the loan payments in progress way, the only problem that I faced is the cutting off the electricity, but it is public problem in Gaza so Allah Al mustaan.

I would like to thank all brothers and sisters who donated for this charity project in Malaysia, and may Allah accept from them “.

sewing shop1 sewing shop2


VPM Micro Credit Project - Nusserat Camp

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VPM Micro Credit Project

Project area: Nusserat camp – Middle of Gaza Strip.
Amount of loan: USD 2500 to Sabha Aburashed
Project: Capital to buy stationary and other school materials for her small bookstore.   

Family member: 9 persons (3 members study at Gaza university)

When Sabha Aburashed first started her business, she struggled to generate revenue and get the right people to fund her business.

"I have this burning desire to become an entrepreneur to help my family but my only challenge now is capital but now after Rowad funded me with soft halal loan from VPM I am able to help my kids.

"There is no bookstore in my area and I chose the right location for my business outside a secondary school" she said.

"Now I have money to feed my kids and to help them complete their college to help me in the future".

"Now I have daily revenue from my bookstore so i take a part from this money for daily family/business expenses and the rest  for developing my business and repay my loan. I am working hard to ensure the project is sustainable and generates income to make my family proud of their Mum.