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Projects in Gaza

Project No. 06-D/2016 - Ramadan Food Vouchers

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Project No. 06-D/2016
Project Title: Ramadan Food Vouchers
Viva Palestina Malaysia has started implementing its Ramadan project in North of Gaza Strip by distribution of food vouchers to poor and needy families. It enables them to buy their food for Iftar and Suhour.
We hope to promptly extend to all of Gaza Strip.
Your generous contributions will assist VPM to reach out to thousands of Palestinian families living in poverty.

Light Up Gaza 2016

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Project No.(03/2016)

Viva Palestina Malaysia & Palestinian orphans home association invited tenders for trading companies in Gaza to apply for providing LED systems for safety lightning.

The project aims to provide LED system for lighting poor families homes in Gaza City and Middle Gaza during electricity power shutdown.
The LED system consists of 5 LED lights for 4 rooms and 1 kitchen.

This project will enable poor families in Gaza to eat their Iftar and Suhour using
LED light instead of lighting candles.
It will protect the families' houses from burning accidents.
It will also help the school and university students study their lessons at night.

Gaza strip only receives 8 hours of electrical power per day.

We hope our kind and generous donors would continue to support us in implementing this project.


Rebuilding Gaza - January 2015

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At Viva Palestina Malaysia our projects are focussed on empowerment of the Palestinians through microcredit financing for women and university scholarships, as well as medical projects in partnership with medical NGOs.
However due to the severe weather this winter, we are also helping to repair houses for poor families at Gaza Strip, in order to protect them from winter cold and rainfall by providing new roofs, doors, windows and safe electrical connections.

Thank you Hani Thraya for your hard work in following through these projects.
Implemented By: Construction & Relief Charity Society - Gaza.
Targeted group: 20 houses.
Targeted area: Al Shejaeyia - East of Gaza City.

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Project No. (42/2015) - VPM in cooperation with Rowad Society at Gaza Strip distributed loans for micro credit projects

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The beneficiaries were poor and needy families to help develop their economic situation and enhance financial sustainability.  
The micro credit projects included:

1. Developing a grocery  shop (USD 2500) -  Gaza City.
2. Developing a grocery shop (USD 2500) -  Rafah City.
3. Developing  a clothes shop (USD 2500) - Jabalyia camp - North of Gaza.
4. Developing a plumbing tools shop (USD 2500) - Middle of Gaza Strip.
5. Developing a shop for selling household utensils - East of Gaza City.
6. Developing a shop for selling frozen food(USD 2500) - Gaza City.