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VPM Micro Credit Project - Big Abssan East of Khan Younis

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VPM Micro Credit Project

Project area: Big Abssan East of Khan Younis
Amount of loan: USD 2500 to Waleed Abu Teer
Project: Provide beehives to produce honey and sell it. Family members: 9 persons ( 2 studying at Gaza university)

Waleed  says “When I heard about Rowad and the loans, I immediately went to get one. So, I could buy the honey production equipment. That meant I was able to pay for my rent and food for my family, buy the materials, make a reasonable profit and, above all, repay my loan on time.”

Two years later, Waleed's son graduated as an agriculture engineer but could not secure a job.

With his experience in agriculture he helped with marketing the honey.

"We get a lot of order for our product because it is high quality honey" Waleed says.

"I’m so proud of what I accomplished for myself and for my family. I sent two kids to university and I fed my family.” Waleed says  

He would not have been able to it without the loans he had received from Rowad that was funded by Viva Palestina Malysia.