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Qurban 2018

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In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

Viva Palestina Malaysia's Qurban 2018 for Palestine.

Whole Cow RM10,500
One portion (1/7) RM1,500

RM500 per Sheep

(Or any other amount as Sadaqah)

Maybank Account: 5-64324-601324

Payment via Credit Card or PayPal on our website: www.vpm.org.my

Please email or WhatsApp us your transfer slip together with your full name (the person who is doing the Qurban) to:

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
WA: +6011-21370569

The National Center for Community Rehabilitation 2018

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The Great Return March is attracting the world's attention to the inhumane seige of Gaza. Maybe this is why Israel has increased pressure on the Gazan people by reducing electricity supply to a mere 4 hours daily and by bombing Gaza in the recent weeks leaving them no safe place to run.

We need to support the Gazans and one way is by Viva Palestina Malaysia providing medicines and medical treatment to the GRM injured as well as the sick. Last week we also worked with The National Center for Community Rehabilitation to distribute assistive devices (Wheelchairs۔ Armpit Crutches- elbow crutches) in addition number of assistive devices that were distributed for beneficiaries inside their homes as a part of an Urgent Project funded by VPM which provided 33 Wheelchairs, 100 Crutches, in addition to Medical Disposable for mobile home care medical teams

Iftar at AlAqsa

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Bless our donors who contributed towards the Iftar meals at Al-Aqsa mosque. We managed to fund Iftar meals for 2 nights and this one was the last one held on 26th night of Ramadan 2018.

Ramadan 2018 campaign

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Alhamdulillah the generosity of our donors enabled us to distribute USD109,000 in cash and food aid this Ramadan to over 2,500 families in Gaza and the West Bank.

1. Ramadan Food Baskets for 1830 families in the Gaza Strip and 250 families in the West Bank (USD 73,500).
2. Zakat Al Fiter to 240 poor families in Gaza (USD 12,000).
3. Iftar for 2,000 people at AlAqsa (USD 14,000)
4. 500 hot meals for Iftar (USD 5000).
5 Iftar in memory of Dr. Fadi for his family, friends and poor families (USD 2500).
6. Collective Iftar in appreciation of medical staff for Great Return March (USD2000).
Total: (USD 109,000)


Ramadhan Food Baskets update

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Our Ramadhan Food Baskets this year managed to provide food aid to some1,830 deserving Palestine families in the Gaza Strip: First phase in Rafah, second phase in North of Gaza and third phase in the Middle of Gaza. 250 families in the West Bank have also received food aid through this campaign: total families received the Food Baskets 2,080 families.

All food baskets were deliveries were concluded just on time for Eid.

On top of that, we managed to give away some Zakat money to 240 families (US$50 per family).

We managed to sponsor iftar for 2,000 worshippers in Masjid AlAqsa, Jerusalem, Palestine.

Thank you ALL DONORS for your support and making this campaign a success. Insya'Allah, you have helped to lessen the burdens of these families during Ramadhan month.

Eid Mubarak everyone from us at Viva Palestina Malaysia.

(Photos: Showing the third phase of Ramadhan Food Baskets delivered to some families and Zakat money distributions to some deserving recipients)

VPM sponsored Ramadhan programs in Palestine

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Total disbursed : USD 86,500

TQVM to all our donors

Deadline for donations
10 June 2018

1. Food Baskets @ Gaza - USD 50K
2. Iftar @ Gaza - USD 5K
3. Zakat Fitrah - USD 10K
4. Food Baskets @ West Bank - USD 10K
5. Collective Iftar @ Al-Aqsa - USD 7K
6. Collective Iftar @ As-Shahid Dr. Fadi - USD 2.5K
7. Collective Iftar @ Hospital staff - USD 2K

Dr Musa Mohd Nordin
Chairman VPM
Puan Sri Norma Hashim
Treasurer VPM


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Thank you all donors who have contributed to this campaign. First round of our Viva Palestina Malaysia RAMADHAN FOOD BASKETS have been distributed to Rafah area, Gaza Palestine.

We will be transferring more funds soon for another round of distributions to other parts of Gaza.

Please do not miss this great opportunity to contribute food aid for deserving Palestinian families who are in need especially during this Ramadhan month. Together we can ease their sufferings.

Each family will receive some basic dry food supply that are enough for 4-5 family members: RM200 will include hot meals Iftar too.

However, you may DONATE ANY AMOUNT.

You may pay ZAKAT through this campaign as the recipients are eligible to receive Zakat.

We welcome international donors too.

Please bank-in directly to:

Maybank Account: 5-64324-601324

Donations via Credit Card or PayPal can be performed on our website: www.vpm.org.my

Email for notification: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Enquiries / Receipts: WA +6011-2137 0569