Cheque Presentation at UiTM

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0n 23 Feb 2013, Universiti Teknologi Mara (Perak), in conjunction with their Program Perkongsian ilmu mentor menteri UiTM, handed a cheque to Viva Palestina Malaysia amounting to RM10,414.50. This amount was collected from students, staff and parents at the UiTM Perak Seri Iskandar Campus. The cheque was handed over to us by the university's Menteri Mentor, Yg Bhg Dato Seri Ahmad Husni Mohamad Hanadzlah (who is Malaysia's Seconf Fianance Minister).

PM visit to Gaza

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23 Jan 2013
Statement from Dato' Dr Musa Mohd Nordin
Chairman, Viva Palestina Malaysianajib in Gaza3

One of the sweetest moments for a prisoner is when his loved one visits him. Imagine the excitement of the Gazans living in the "largest ever open prison in the world" being visited by a VIP, the PM of Malaysia himself. It would be a historic occasion realizing they are not forgotten and their visitor carries the greetings from Malaysian of all walks of life, reaffirming Malaysia's solidarity with their struggle for freedom, justice and self determination. Malaysia's proven track record of arbitrating peace deals between parties at odds would place her in an enviable position to broker an amicable solution between the Gaza and Fatah factions. Both factions of the Palestinian struggle aspire similar end points, namely an end to the siege, return of their homeland and the establishment of the Palestinian nation state. VPM lauds the initiative of the PM and his team to incubate a One-Palestine team to face together the treacherous neo-colonialist schemes of the Israeli government.

VPM’s visit to Gaza (16 -21 January 2013)

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home welcomeDr Husna and Mohamad Afiq are representing VPM on this trip to Gaza organized by Aqsa Syarif (AS) code A2G13. 

Apart from the job allocated by AS, as VPM volunteers, they will be required to audit VPM projects in Gaza. It is a working visit and not like others who go to "just see the disaster and tour". We in VPM & AS do not encourage the idea of "disaster tourism" or "volunt-tourism". All our volunteers must make themselves useful to the people of Gaza and ensure all our projects to help the people of Gaza are up and running.

Resistance is Marathon: Support Gaza, Empower Its People

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By Ramzy Baroud

runnerDear friends, thank you for your support and encouragement. I just finished my sixth full marathon for Palestine and Gaza. My first Marathon was in Canada in 2007. It was soon after Israel placed Gaza under a hermetic siege, and my latest was today, in Seattle, in honor of the sacrifices of the men, women and children that make Gaza the incredibly inspiring place that it is.

I ran my first Marathon with untold frustration and resentment of all that has befallen our people – the siege, the once promising but later botched democracy, the regional and international plot against Gaza, and the most tragic fighting between the brethren in Hamas and Fatah. But today I ran with untold pride because of the resistance of the Palestinian people in Gaza against Israel's last war.

Touched by the kids of Rumah Solehah

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Cupcakes Rumah Solehah1Kids from Rumah Solehah requested to contribute 100 red velvet cupcakes for VPM Charity Bazaar at Bangsar Shopping Centre. Fazilah Ahmad, a baker, baked the cupcakes and the kids wanted to contribute their creative skills in creating the cupcake toppers.

The kids have been told about what's happening in Gaza and they are thrilled to join in to help in whatever way they can. This is one great way to share with kids what's happening outside their country and how they may help!

We are deeply touched by the generosity of the kids at Rumah Solehah and the baker too, we thank them and may they all be blessed and rewarded by the Al-Mighty.