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Project No. 04/2016 - Light Camp 5 - Memorisation of Al Quran Al Karim by blind students

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Project No. (04/2016)
Light Camp (5) - Memorisation of Al Quran Al Karim by blind students.

Viva Palestina Malaysia (VPM) and Al Fitrah foundation in cooperation with Dar Al Quran Al Karim Wa Sunnah (DQWS) and the Palestinian Ministry of Education - Gaza Strip held the ceremony for the Light Camp (5).

DQWS honored the students who memorised new parts of Al Quran & the winners in the Second Ramadan competition for memorisation of Surat Ali-Imran. More than 100 blind persons with their families participated in this event.

15 blind students in Light Camp (5) memorised Surah Ali-Imran
150 blind persons in Gaza Strip competed in "Second Ramadan competition for blind persons in memorizing Surat Ali-Imran.