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”Save Gaza” Gloves Auction

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In conjuction with IMAM’s Silver Jubilee Dinner, we are organising a first ever ‘Bid for Gaza.’ The bid will be Azizulhasni Awangs famous “Save Gaza” gloves during the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

Click here to bid

Rules and regulations:
1) Online bidding closes at 5pm, 1st oct 2015.
2) Final bidding will continue at the 25th IMAM Silver Jubilee Fundraising Dinner.
3) Winner will be announced during the 25th IMAM Silver Jubilee Fundraising Dinner.
4) If the winner is uncontactable by 3 working days, the gloves will be given to next highest bidder. Please give LATEST and CORRECT contact details.
5) All payments must be settled by 3 working days.
6) Price not including postage.
7) IMAM has the right to make the final decision

**All proceeds go to Viva Palestina Malaysia.

Distribution of Ramadan Food Baskets.

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3 July 2015

Alhamdulillah, Great Thank to Viva Palestina Donors, May Allah accept from them, and bless their kind work.

Project No: (35/2015)
Project Name: Collective Iftar in Al Aqsa area.
Targeted Group: 500 of Al Aqsa visitors and prayers.
Funded By: Viva Palestina Malaysia.
Implemented By: Al Aqsa association for protecting and Maintenance of Islamic Waqf - Jerusalem.

1 July 2015

Project No: (33/2015)
Project Name: Ramadan Food Vouchers.
Targeted Group: 500 Families.
Targeted area: Ramallah & Hebron - West Bank.
Funded By: Viva Palestina Malaysia.
Implemented By: Islamic charitable society - Hebron.
In cooperation with: Ramallah Zakat committee.

1 July 2015

Project No: (37/2015)
Project Name: Distribution of Ramadan Food Baskets.
Targeted Group: 250 Families of Palestinian refugees in South of Turkey.
Implemented By: Hayat Yolu - Turkey.


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Our annual campaign is back: "RAMADAN FOOD BASKETS for PALESTINE"  @RM150 (+/- US$40) per family.

You may contribute ANY amount to:

"PERTUBUHAN VIVA PALESTINA MALAYSIA" Account no : 5-64324-601324 Bank : Malayan Banking Berhad (Maybank) Swift Code : MBBEMYKL Bank address : Block C, Damansara Offices Complex, Jalan Dungun, 50490 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

For e-receipt, please email your name and amount donated to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Campaign ends on 10 July 2015



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Gaza now receives less than 4 hours of electricity per day leading to immense hardships.

Candle use resulted in home fires and many deaths. Some Palestinian families buy generators and fuel to generate the electricity but it is too expensive and most families live below the poverty line.

Others use the rechargeable lamps. It is not as expensive but can be used only in one room.
The LED system for lighting which VPM is funding is not as expensive (RM250), is available in shops and is easy to repair.

The LED System consists of a battery,  thin wires, 5 switches, 5 LED lights  for 4  rooms and 1 for kitchen. It works for 8 hours and is charged when electricity is available.

The VPM “LIGHT UP A HOME IN GAZA” project will light up:-

70 houses in North Gaza with Salam society
210 houses in Gaza City with Construction and Relief society
70 houses in Al Woustah  with Dar Al Yateem
70 houses in Khanuness with Islamic Society East Khanuness
70 houses in Rafah with Charitable Society for Relief and development