Solidarity with Palestinian Popular Resistance

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16 October 2015 / 3 Muharram 1437H

Solidarity Wave Oct 2015



Viva Palestina Malaysia has been tracking very closely the tragic sequence of events in Palestine.


Our global partners have reported that up until 14 Oct 2015, 30 Palestinians have been murdered, many in cold blood. And 2,000 have been injured by Israel’s Occupation Forces (IOF) and fundamentalist settler terror groups since early October 2015.


A shoot-to-kill policy, among other illegal and draconian measures, have been adopted by the Israeli government in an attempt to violently suppress this mostly spontaneous popular revolt led by a new generation of Palestinians who will not accept living under Occupation and Apartheid.


The fact that Israel and its state-supported settler militias are committing their racist crimes in broad daylight and recorded live on television goes to show the level of impunity that Israel still enjoys. This simply demonstrates the deep complicity of the Superpowers and the West with the illegitimate Zionist Project in Israel and the abysmal failure of the UN to protect the basic human rights of the Palestinians.


Just like Israel’s 7 year siege of Gaza and the four massacres since 2008, there is a complete bias of the reporting of the mainstream international media and an outrageous paucity of international response to the Israeli killings and brutalities of the Palestinians in West Bank and Gaza.


VPM in solidarity with the youth led popular uprising in Palestine urges:

1 The Malaysian government though her offices in the Security Council of the UN, OIC and ASEAN to demand for a military embargo and sanction of Israel.


2 All Malaysian government linked companies (GLC) and corporations to divest from companies which are blatantly complicit in the ongoing oppression taking place at present. The Palestinian Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions National Committee (BNC) has black-listed complicit international companies, such as G4S and HP, and Israeli companies, such as Elbit Systems, that participate in Israel’s infrastructure of oppression. See more at:


3 All Malaysian NGOs and people of conscience to deplore the extra-judicial killings and brutalities of the innocent and support the humanitarian struggle of the Palestinian people in their quest for justice, freedom and equality.





Dato’ Dr Musa Mohd Nordin

Chairman VPM