Adopt A Hafiz - 3rd Year

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From Engineer Hani Thuraya VPM rep in Gaza:
I am very proud of receiving this memento on behalf of my brothers and sisters in Muslim Professionals (MPF) Malaysia & the many Malaysians who funded this Adopt A Hafiz Program - third year running.

Presented by Dr. Abed Al Rahman Al Jamal DQWS chairman & Dr. Ahamd Bahar the first deputy to president of Palestinian legislative council.

May Allah accept all your deeds and bless you infinitely on judgment day.    



In the third year of this "Adopt A Hafiz" Program in collaboration with Aqsa Syarif & MyCare, about RM600K was spent sponsoring students which also meant we created jobs for teachers who were either bread winners or had to pay their uni fees.

Alhamdulillah! this year we graduated 84 full Hafiz for 30 verses of al Quran in two years under our fund and 800 other huffaz for partial parts from 12-29 juz.

Inshallah you will all enjoy the opportunity to adopt a hafiz when we next appeal for funding in the first quarter of 2016.

Thank you all yet again

Our children, the Huffaz. Allah bless!

The Huffaz waving Malaysian flags!


As book prizes the Huffaz were awarded US30.00 incentives.

MPF/Aqsa Syarif/MyCare now has 900 students in this project.

Let us all make them huffaz within the stipulated 4 year period and enjoy the blessings too !